When you are sick, but not sick enough.

June 8, 2017

If I hear the words, “you are basically stuck in the middle” one more time, I’m going to have a breakdown.

Being told you are sick, but not sick enough is the WORST thing ever. Hands down, the worst!  Imagine being told you are only going to be given half the amount of energy you normally have everyday, but still have to “adult” in the same way. It’s exhausting. Physically, mentally and emotionally. And this is everyday. How do people expect you to keep up with the demands of a normal person while NOT having a normal working heart?

To be honest, having gone through many many blood draws, procedures and surgeries, the part of being sick, but not sick enough is the worst when it comes to having a congenital heart defect.

All we want is answers and a plan, but sometimes thats not always easy to find. It’s not our doctors or surgeons fault. It’s the physiology of our hearts that make it complicated to figure out.

Being stuck in the middle is physically, mentally, emotionally and financially draining, but I still have to adult and take charge of my responsibilities and keep pursuing my goals in life.

I am going to keep pushing through while being “in the middle” and hoping over time, questions and concerns will be answered.

Until then, what are some ways you cope with being sick, but not sick enough?

I’d love to hear some ways to keep going throughout the day, but not exhaust myself out to where I can’t function anymore.

Know, I am praying and struggling right beside you CHDers!

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