Top 5 must have apps for people with a chronic illness!

July 19, 2017

As a congenital heart defect and two time open heart surgery survivor, my life is full of doctor’s appointments, medications, grad school and working full time.

To be honest, there are days where I’m barely keeping my head above water. Some days, I’ve to retrace my tracks to see if I already took my meds for that day. Scary, right? But, life happens and when you have a lifelong disease, you try so hard to not let it define or control life.

Over the least year, I had to find ways to not let my heart defect control my life. Although, my life has not turned out the way I’d hoped or expected, I’m still in the prime of my life working towards goals and wanting to settle down soon with my own family in the future. Hopefully, not too far into the future 🙂

Since I desire all these things in my life, my health comes first so that I can continue living my life in the best way possible.

Here are my top 5 apps that help me every day to achieve my wants and desires while living with a chronic illness.

1. iCalendar -This is a must for patients who have multiple doctors appointment here and there along with their normal day to day schedules. I love how you can color code certain events or appointments. The best part is you can set a certain time to have reminders set in as much time in advance as you need it. This was a game changer for me, because it made me less stressed out if I forgot to look how far away the appointment was or allows me to gather any necessary forms the night before. Who wants to stress out their heart more? Um, no thank you!

2. Round – Having an app used only to remind you take your medications every day is a life saver. Set a time you want (or need) to take your medications and will it ding at that time. You simply press the check sign after you take your meds and it will record that you did press check. You can also look back to previous days to see if you took your meds or not. Thus is great for any upcoming tests or procedures that needs to be shared with your healthcare team.  This is app is truly amazing for people like me who (truthfully) from time to time forget to take their meds or sometimes can’t remember if they already took them.

3. Fitbit – Everyone should have a Fitbit! But, for real though. Since, I have a heart defect, this was a no brainer to get. You can read all about why and how I use my Fitbit everyday here.

4. Scanner for me– I think this is actually one of my all time favorite apps ever. A scanner right from your phone. Yes, that’s right! I use this for so many things, but love using it to scan all my doctors appointments paperwork. If you go to specific specialists, you might get a ton of after appointment paperwork like me. I hate clutter on my desk, but know that this information about my health is important so I can’t just throw these papers the trash. On the way home(if I’m not the one driving) or when I get home from my appointment, I will scan all the documents I just received from that day. Then, I’ll email myself the scanned documents from my phone and put into a specific health file on my computer. All my health files are dated and categorized by specialists. This way, if you need to refer back to one for something health related or even insurance related, it’s all there! No more piling of papers on your desk or in a corner anymore! It’s that simple!

5. Life360– This is a great app that helps to know where you are at all times. You are connected to a family member, your husband, etc on this specific app. For example, I am not married yet, so I rely on my mom to be my emergency contact for anything and everything. Including this app. Not only can she see where my location is, but I can see hers. It’s definitely comforting knowing I can look at the app and see she isn’t far if I’m home alone recovering from some procedure or surgery. This is definitely a safety precaution that I choose to have and has brought so much peace knowing a family member will know where I am if an emergency should happen.

I highly recommend all these apps as they have been life savers in a season of life where  it’s none stop go for me, but can’t afford to put my health at risk.

I hope you find these apps just as useful as I have found!


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    Life360 sounds amazing. If my son was older and had a phone I would definitely be using this app!

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