Congenital Heart Disease Awareness


At the age of 23, my life had changed forever. I was diagnosed with a Congenital Heart defect I never knew I had since birth. On August 28 in 2012, I had my very 1st Open Heart Surgery and May 27 of 2015, I needed another Open Heart. Only this time, I needed a full mitral valve replacement. My most recent surgery was beyond bittersweet because you have something inside you that’s taken away, but also given something to keep you alive. It is an unexplainable feeling.

What is a Congenital Heart Defect? 

A Congenital Heart Defect is an abnormality of the heart’s structure or electrical system. Most options to help us live a “normal” life is through Open heart Surgery. Most people will not only need one, but several surgeries and procedures. It is a life long disease filled with a lot of pain and fear.

Some facts about Congenital Heart Disease

The number 1 cause of birth defect related deaths

One of every 100 babies are born with CHD

Most defects are diagnosed at birth, while others might not be picked up till later on in life.

We are never fixed, as there is no cure

There are more adults living with CHD than babies now. Yay! This means we have come along way to extending the lives of those born with CHD.

Check out an awesome resource if you are an adult living with CHD. Adult Congenital Heart Association is helping those with CHD connect to others and know the most up to date research. Be sure to check them out if you are an adult living with CHD or know someone who is. Mommies of heart babies, this is for you to when your little one grows up and may need more care and support.