Kindred Oils

Have you heard of Essential Oils?

Do you ever wonder what they could do for your health and overall well being? Maybe you are totally against oils or have tried them and felt like they didn’t do anything for you. Maybe you are unsure of what essential oils are, how they work and how they can compliment modern medicine.

Essential Oils are the life blood of the plant that initiates regeneration into the cells. They enhance the immune system of plants and they help support our bodily systems in humans. Anything our blood does for us is what essential oils do for the plant – they carry nutrients and oxygen to the different organs in our body. This is why Essential oils can be so affective at supporting our wellness.

Why I use Young Living ONLY!!!

Young Living is the oldest essential oil company in the world with the highest quality product on the market. They have a Seed to Seal promise that ensures ever bottle is 100% Pure and Therapeutic grade. They own their own farms which validates that the quality of these oils are top notch and most importantly safe for you and your family. These oils have and continue to help me with good and bad days of living with a Congenital Heart defect and especially used during my recoveries from open heart surgery. Living with CHD pushes me more to take charge of what I can do to help support my body from a chemically invasive world. I am a product of how modern medicine has come a long way, but I do believe there is a balance in what we have control over what goes in or on our bodies. These oils compliment modern medicine. Lastly, Young Living Essential Oils will never expire! How amazing is that?!

The Premium Starter Kit is the perfect way to start your oily journey!

What is my favorite oil?

LAVENDER!! It is such a versatile oil. I personally use to help promote a restful night sleep. I could never live without my Lavender.

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