My most favorite role in life!

May 15, 2016

What is my favorite role in life?

Being an AUNT!!! Actually, I’m never called “Aunt Mary Beth.” I’ve concluded after sometime and another niece and now a nephew, I will forever be “Mimi.” And I love that! Mimi came about when my first niece and goddaughter, Nora started saying it as it was easier than my actual name and it stuck around longer than I thought.

It is so much easier to say then my actual name as it’s a bit long even to the point where the adorable little kiddos I help watch weekly call me Mimi. Everyday all day, I hear “Mimi, Mimi, Mimi” and it really tugs at my heart 🙂

Becoming an Aunt came at the most absolute perfect time in my life. Nora Claire was born on February 13, 2012. Two and half months later, I was officially diagnosed with a Congenital Heart defect and scheduled for Open Heart Surgery that following August. I am super close to my sister Kerry as we are the only girls in the family so with her having her very first girl was a big deal and so much fun!!


Nora’s first couple of months were an absolute joy and truly helped me mentally prepare for a disease and surgery I never thought I would have to go through. Having Nora as my niece and goddaughter really helped me not become depressed and to keep fighting through the pain and suffering. One of the hardest things about recovering from open heart surgery is not being able to hold anything over 10lbs for 2 months. You can imagine how I felt when my adorable niece would come visit her Mimi during recovery. She most definitely put many smiles on my faces during my recovery, but it was HARD not being able to hold and interact with her like I wanted to.

My first time holding Nora after 2 months of recovery!!! It was an absolutely perfect day! I was so thankful I could hold her again. I’ll never forget that feeling.


Since my very first surgery, I have had another niece Fiona who just continues to help me each day with this disease! She is a little spitfire, but has such a gentle nature to her. Love this little girl so very much. Our daily morning FaceTime consists of her placing me on a shelf(or sometimes in a draw) and just chatting with me. I never know what the heck she is saying, but it’s the best way to start my day!


Right after  my second open heart surgery, a mitral valve replacement, my sister told me she was expecting again! Only this time, she was giving me a nephew!!  Her news literally helped me to keep fighting through my recovery, especially on the hard days.


I take my role as their Aunt very seriously. Basically I’m broke due them!!! Sorry not sorry 🙁 Who knew boy outfits could be just as if not cuter than girl clothes and accessories. 🙂 It’s bad you guys, but this Auntie just can’t say no!!!

They bring me so much joy and love that is worth every ounce of pain and suffering. I love being their “Mimi” and and am so grateful for that they are a part of my life. Having them around has helped me focus on the positive things when life gets difficult, but most importantly to keep persevering!

It’s important to remember that the time will pass when you are in the midst of your own recovery. If you are an Auntie or even a Parent, have faith and patience! It’s so hard to understand that when your  in the middle of recovering. It truly is a short time that you may not be able to interact with the kiddos in your life the way you want to, but it will get better!!!

Thank you to my wonderful sister and brother- in -law for being so open to life and bringing so much joy with their little babies 🙂

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