Living a natural life style with a life long disease! It is possible :)

June 27, 2016

Good Morning beautiful people!!

Happy Monday to you! Today, I am going to be sharing a few details of how I try to balance a natural lifestyle while living with a Congenital Heart Defect.

Living with a Congenital Heart disease (or any lifelong disease) is TOUGH. Daily medications, eating habits, sleeping and overall lifestyle can sometimes be hard, but necessary.  Necessary to live, but also to enjoy and be present in YOUR life.

I have found that there are 4 things that if are not in check on a daily basis, my life may see upside. These are:

Eating habits

Physical fitness




Let’s start with food. After my 1st Open heart Surgery about 4 years ago, I made the switch to be 100% Gluten Free and have never looked back! Is it hard? My goodness it is, but it is SO worth it. Major surgery can bring on a lot of different issues including inflammation. Inflammation was a big issue for me and eliminating gluten from my diet was a game changer. Most of my family and friends even noticed a different in my face as gluten made my face puffy. Still to this day, if I accidentally ingest gluten, I will pay for it. This goes a long with life being being hard, but necessary. Happy body equals happy life.


Y’all have heard how important it is to keep your body active? Yes, i’m sure you have. But what if you are limited due to a heart defect or something else that might effect you from keeping your body active? This is a hard one for me. I am a heart patient and cardio workouts(if can manage) are super important. There are days and sometimes parts of my life where my defect has taken over and working out is too hard. Thats doesn’t mean I stop working out all together. One of the best ways to keep your heart and overall body moving is simply walking! I try to make an effort to either make a morning or evening walk everyday. I also incorporate low stress workouts like yoga and pilates. These two workouts are especially important for someone who struggles with a heart defect and may face multiple surgeries thats brings on other external issues.

*Of course, I am not a Doctor and you should always check with your physician or care team before starting any new exercise program or class 🙂 *

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Don’t we all love our sleep? If you have had multiple intense surgeries or struggle with anxiety, sleep may be your long lost best friend. Fear not, there ways to get back on a proper and necessary sleep schedule.

~Rule of thumb for me is if I am tired during the day and need to lie down to rest, then I do it!! Just means my body needs rest after all it has been through and the same could be for you. I have found when I force myself to stay awake until bed time, I end up with a terrible night sleep and MORE tired the next morning.

~Put away your electronics!! This was a hard one for me because during both my recoveries, I was attached to my phone for many reasons. Fear being number one that if I needed help, I could call right away and then mainly when you sit in a recliner for weeks upon weeks you get pretty bored.

~Lavender Essential Oil. People think i’m this hippie girl with all these crazy oils that don’t work. Well, my friends, I am here to tell you that they do. With two Open heart surgeries and recoveries, along with a slew of anxiety problems, I needed something that would work and not bring on another side effect from more medication prescribed. I’m on enough meds, thank you very much. A part of my bedtime routine is setting up my diffuser with my Lavender Essential Oil. Sometimes, I’ll use other oils that promote a calming atmosphere such as Frankincense. It’s set up on my nightstand and I turn on before hitting the pillow.


*If you are interested for information on Essential oils and how they can help sleep and more, feel free to ask or click Kindred Oils


This is probably the biggest part of my daily routine. It’s hard, downright hard especially when things keeping knocking you down, but having the right attitude about your food intake, workout plan, sleeping arrangements and more will help you each day to physically be present and enjoy the little things in life.

Focusing on these 4 important parts is what makes my life a little easier to live when things do get tough health wise.

I hope you’ve enjoyed a glimpse of my daily life living as a person with a Congenital Heart Defect. You can follow me more at and I’ll be your biggest cheerleader for taking care of yourself and a support system for surviving through life’s challenges 🙂

Thank you to Michelle from Beettherainbow to letting me guest post on her account today!

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