I’ve got goals and my heart defects won’t stop me from getting them done!

April 30, 2017

We all have goals right?

Ever hear of that famous 5 year plan everyone talks about? I am a planner and boy have these last 5 years of my life kicked my planner mode to the curb. With only having gone a month into adulthood, my plans post college literally went out the window. The words heart defect and open heart surgery derailed what I wanted in life big time. Fast forward another 2 years, the same derailment happened again. Only this time the goal and plans I had before slowly faded away even more.

My type of defect and open heart surgeries are no walk in the park.  In fact my surgeries have made it more challenging in some ways than what most people think after someone has surgery to “fix” something.

First off, we are never fixed. There is no cure for this disease and open heart surgery doesn’t give you a completely new heart for the rest of your life. Thankfully, we have amazing surgeons, doctors, and nurses who do the best they can to help manage our care and give us opportunities in life. Many of us have faced and will still face more surgeries in our future. It stinks, but I’ve learned throughout these past few years that planning goals have become even more important now then ever before. It’s funny how life works out that way.

To be honest, the last few months for me have been extremely challenging both physically and mentally. Trying to make ends meet, going to grad school, figuring out what the heck God wants me to do with my life, and just so much more that made it really hard to want get up everyday and keep going. And I think the hardest part about these last few years post diagnosis, is knowing that it’s never going to go away. More surgeries will be in my future(unless by some miracle Wilbur decided to keep going for the rest of my life). With that, “planning” goals and dreams can either break you or make life worth living even with a chronic illness.

I’ve concluded that I must keep planning, making goals and doing the best I can to achieve them. Knowing what the unknowns could be can be detrimental to the way you view what you want out of your life. And being in the category of knowing what the unknowns could be, has definitely allowed me to not want to plan for anything in life. I want to change that. I want to stop thinking I can’t make goals and do the best I can in every season of my life regardless of delays and possibily more challenges ahead.

This is when is I stumbled across the PowerSheets. I knew wanted something small, but intentional. Cultivate What Matters has beautiful, not too overwhelming, but purposeful goal setting sheets. A few months ago, I decided to not can’t let my defects, these surgeries(that has brought on more physical pain) and knowing what the future might be not take away my goals and desires in life. These PowerSheets are an amazing tool to help me complete small and big goals I have in my heart.

I purchased the 6 month stack so I’ll be starting my sheets May 1! Which is tomorrow!!! How crazy is that?! It usually starts in June, but I figured December is so busy because of the holidays and I really can’t wait to dive right in and see where these power sheets take me. I am ready to start living out my goals and dreams regardless of what tomorrow brings.

I hope you will too!

Powersheets main pic

I’ll keep you all posted on how these work for me and share some of my goals along the way!

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