Happy 5th birthday to my best friend!!

February 14, 2017

I can’t believe 5 years ago today, I became an aunt. Honestly, ever since my sister got engaged, I was hoping and praying they would have kids soon. They definitely answered my prayers 🙂 And secretly, I wanted a niece because I never had a little sister and 4 brothers underneath me….let’s be real. Ha. I wanted to play dress up, buy her cute clothes and accessories.

I remember my senior year in college getting a phone call from my sister all full of excitement. I just knew she was gonna say the word girl. And she did!!! Luckily, I graduated that fall and Nora was due in February so I was elated knowing I would be home for the festivities of the first grandchild and niece in the family.

And Nora Claire Beal was born and all was right in the world. My best friend had arrived, but little did I know it would be my saving grace for the worst part of my own life.

A couple months after Nora was born is when I received what I hope to be the most devastating news of my life. In all honesty, Nora being born the same year being diagnosed with a severe congenital heart defect is one of the reasons, if not the reason I did not go into severe depression post recovery while trying to get my adult life back on track.

One of the hardest things I had to go through during recovery was not being able to hold my new niece Nora for about a solid 2 months. Talk about hard?! I was beside myself everyday. But at the same time, it pushed me in every way to get better physically and emotionally.

Here is one of my all time favorite pictures of us! The day I got to hold her after 2 LONG months.

These last 5 years of having surgeries, multiple doctors appointments, disappointments, rejections and so on has been difficult in more ways than one, but knowing Nora and my sisters growing family nearby has made every ounce of heartache and true pain worth it.

She was always by my side keeping me company while recovering in my chair 🙂

Ignore my recovery look …:) Real life there and thankful she was next to me in her orange tutu and all!

I am so thankful my big sister and brother in law chose life and have 3 beautiful children.

Happy 5th Birthday Nora!!! Mimi loves you so very much!!!

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