Taking care of an important organ!

March 31, 2016

Are your hands dry and cracked?

My hands, thanks to the lovely winter months get so dried, cracked, brutally red and even sometimes bleed. Having a serious disease has made me a bit of a germaphobe, especially since I am always around little children. I try so hard to avoid any sickness during those nasty few months of cold and flu season. I am always washing my hands( multiple times a day) as that is the best way to prevent germs, but it does a number to my skin.

I have tried so many different products and lotions to see what would help my poor hands and have finally found something that is a miracle worker!!

Young Living’s Lavender hand & Body lotion is the bomb.com. Yes, I just said that! Ha. But people, it’s the truth.

This lotion leaves my hands feeling replenished, takes the redness away and smells amazing! This helps support the Integumentary System(our skin). This specific lotion is filled with natural ingredients and essential oils. I am relieved when using this lotion because it not only works, but I’m not applying nasty toxic chemicals that you find in other store bought lotions. Since the skin is the organ that protects internal structures from harm, it is crucial to to make sure we use non toxic products to keep our other bodily systems healthy. After all, our skin is the biggest organ.

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