Ditch the toxic sheets!

April 10, 2016

I LOVE using Young Living’s Essential Oils for supporting my body and mind. One thing most people may not realize is these oils can be used for so many different things around your house. One of my favorites is the laundry.

I love doing laundry. Growing up in a big family, it was something that aways had to be done and of course there was a lot of it. I tend to find folding laundry even therapeutic for me. The putting away part…now I find that to be a chore. Ha.

One of my favorite things about doing laundry is finding ways to save on time, money and of course clothes smelling better than ever!

So ditch those chemical filled store bought dryer sheets.

What do you need instead?

  1. 3-6 Wool Dryer Balls(depends on size of load)
  2. 2-4 drops of Young Living’s Purification or Lavender Essential Oils
  3. Smell your fresh clean clothes & fold away!!!!!

I bought my wool dryer balls on Amazon and always use Young Living Essential Oils. Super simple and natural 🙂


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