About Me

Welcome to Mimi’s Open Heart- Whether you have followed my journey for a while or you are a new reader, I am so happy you’re here!

I’m Mary Beth, but my favorite kiddos(my nieces and nephew) call me Mimi! I am the author of Mimi’s Open Heart .

At the age of 23, I learned that I was actually born with a Congenital Heart Defect(CHD). Specifically, an Atrioventricular Canal defect which isn’t just one defect, but rather a group of small defects that include an ASD, a VSD and possible abnormalities of the AV valves which are the Mitral and Tricuspid.  Since this defect can only be repaired by surgery, I am a 2x time open heart surgery survivor. I had my 1st surgery in August 2012 and a mitral valve replacement in May 2015(pig valve). His name is Wilbur and he is the love of my life. 🙂

About 5 years ago, my life turned upside down, but has been filled with enormous blessings and a life I NEVER thought I would have. Learning to accept my “new normal” with a grateful and open heart.

One of my favorite roles in life is being an Aunt to two nieces and a nephew. I love making memories with them. Currently, studying for my Masters in Education to officially become a kindergarten teacher. I am a lover of anything minty, a sucker for beautiful planners, and must drink a good ole cup of coffee in a pretty vintage looking mug. I live for the season of Fall and a fresh bouquet of pencils. Clearly, I meant to be a teacher!

Thank you so much for reading – I can’t wait to get to know you!